top-10-most-popular-p2p-file-sharing-programs-in-2009-at-your-requestDue to the vastness of the p2p landscape,  searching for the most efficient file sharing app as dictated by your needs and preferences can prove tiresome – that’s why we thought we should make this task easier for you by listing ten of the best peer-t0-peer programs currently in use.


uTorrent is like peanut butter – once you have tasted it, it sticks with you. Still favored by millions when it comes to downloading files – simple, fast, good-looking. (read review)
2. Frostwire While Limewire saw its downfall, its younger brother climbed up to new levels of popularity due to its ingenuity and newly added features (including its arrival to Android). (read review)
3.BitComet A very familiar presence in this sort of charts, BitComet manages to remain a favorite among p2p users. (read review)
4.BitTorrent One of the most popular file-sharing programs around that inspired lots of other developers and always had the power to reinvent itself.
5.Vuze “Digital Liberation” reads the official site and indeed, the abundance of features and options with this app is overwhelming –  a most powerful bittorrent app with various types of media incorporation. This one is for those looking to expand their experience with all-in-one integration. (read review)
6. BitLord A ‘veteran’ like most of the applications listed here – neat BitTorrent client still enjoying great popularity. (read review)
7. SoMud
A cross-platform multi-language P2P download-and-share program. Embedded Powerful search engine support allows you to search anything.
8.LimeRunner A very strong file sharing app based on the defunct Limewire – it preserves all the latter’s good features (for free even those you had to pay in the original client) but  gets rid at the same time off all the crapware. (read review)
9. Ares Galaxy Includes basically all the main features met in this sort of apps. With Ares you can also join or host chat rooms and make new friends.
10.Shareaza/Sharetastic It was one of early p2p applications when p2p was still new concept. It connected to wide variety of networks like Gnutella, Gnutella2, EDonkey Network, BitTorrent, FTP and HTTP network protocols but these days it’s being controlled by the record labels (along with other former big p2p names – Lphant, BearShare, and iMesh which therefore lost greatly in popularity). However, we have still included it in our list due to this other program which borrows its main functions and then adds some – Sharetastic. (read review)