Top 10 Most Popular P2P File Sharing Clients of 2011/2012The bridge between the downloader and BitTorrent’s networks is of vital importance. We call it a file-sharing client, but behind the development of each of these clients lies a lot of work, dedication, and, more importantly, people. While there are many file-sharing clients to choose from, there are also a few that managed to set themselves apart through advancement, ingenuity, and usefulness. As such, we’ve made a list, based on users’ comments and habits, that includes ten of the most popular peer-to-peer file-sharing clients for 2012.

Last but not least, we’d like to wish our readers a very warm “Happy holidays!” and congratulations for surviving the apocalypse (nah, I kid the Mayans). Cheers!


It’s been a wonderful year for uTorrent’s developing team. The client remained the popular choice of many by pushing the limits further than we thought possible.  (read review)
Spyware/Adware free, Tixati is one simple BitTorrent client that combines easy-to-use features with the utility of a proper downloading client.
Having reached its peak for this year (version 2.75 – you can read the release notes here), Transmission is an open-source platform that’s been built for those of you who use Mac, GTK+ or Qt GUI clients.
Formerly known as Azureus, the Vuze downloading platform is available for both PCs and MAC-based computers. (read review)
5.BitComet BitComet has managed to always surprise us, and its final version (1.34) promises faster speeds and an improved management of your downloads. (read review)
6.ABC “ABC is an improved client for the Bittorrent peer-to-peer file distribution solution,” reads the client’s official page. There are plenty of features this client offers (customizing, queueing system, and more). (read review)
7.Deluge Running on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, Deluge is a cross-platform that comes with full encryption, a comprehensive WebUI, plugin system, and various useful features. (read review)
8.FrostWire Successor of the now defunct Limewire, FrostWire allows you to share large files, while increasing your download speed. It’s iTunes compatible and comes with plenty of amazing features. (read review)
9.TurboBT TurboBT 4 has been built by using Pyhton, wxPython, and getText. It features a torrent manager, revamped GUI, multi-language support, etc.
While iMesh is still seen as the third most popular music subscription service in the United States, the team behind this file-sharing client had managed to come in terms with the RIAA, turning iMesh into the first peer-to-peer client approved by the music industry. (read review)

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