Since the prominent OS on most smartphones is Android, a wide variety of BitTorrent apps exists. To help the every-day file-sharing user, we’ve made a short list of the best of them.

uTorrent Remote

uTorrent Remote is probably the most popular of them all. Its interface is clean and simple to use. The application presents itself with useful features such as:

– Download status
– Can add, pause or remove downloads
– Update and add torrents from RSS subscriptions
However, the highlight feature is the ability to transfer, save and play completed files from your PC to your phone.


What Transdroid does is to give you complete and utter control over individual torrents. The user can pause, stop, remove, label, throttle, and prioritize. Simply put, everything you can do on desktop is possible on your Android phone.
RSS feeds are also available.


This one is compatible with uTorrent and Transmission and it allows you to manage torrents. It comes with a search box capable to recognize keywords and bar code scans. A browser can also be used to download remotely. The highlight feature is the ability to create user download profiles. By doing this, you can setup custom profiles to add, edit or change the location of where you want to save the downloaded content.


EZTVDroid is a different kind of application compared to the ones above. It lets you access your favorite TV shows from EZTV and allows you to send the corresponding torrent files to the uTorrent or Transmission client running on your PC. Selecting “Send to uTorrent” will make the app to automatically queue the torrent file for you. Moreover, you can start, stop, pause and force start individual torrents.

A feature that is most exciting, yet not the safest, is the social network one through which you can share link via Facebook and Twitter.

Remote Transmission

Remote Transmission occupies this 5th place due to its limited features. You can only add torrents by URLs, you cannot pause or resume downloads individually, only “Pause all” or “Resume all” being available. This application is recommended only for those who use Transmission on your desktop or laptop and if you need a simple and quick solution.


AndTorrent is our last entry for this list – an app that can download torrent contents right to your phone; it stores files directly on the phone itself (something Transdroid doesn’t do). The program offers features like Queuing, File priority and Torrent Search.

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