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About Us

We are devoted to peer-to-peer (naturally), file sharing, digital media and more. Our website offers useful guides, an extended list of file sharing applications, reviews of the most popular p2p clients and ample p2p related articles. We keep you posted with the hottest p2p news daily and, basically, accompany you through all that peer-to-peer has come to mean. (You can contact us at Contact@p2pon.com)


This section contains articles which address the matter of file-sharing, its effects and aspects related to this worldwide phenomenon. Various aspects which have made file-sharing what it presently is and the major factors some of which still undergoing changes to help you understand how P2P emerged, developed and currently functions – all for your wider comprehension of P2P.peer-to-peer logo.jpg

Table of Contents:

P2P: We’ve Come a Long Way…

Becoming P2P: Technology for the Future

War Report: Record Industry vs. Internet Piracy

File-sharing – A Notion Still Hard to Tame

What Risk does P2P Bring to a Company’s security?

Peer-to-Peer, File-sharing and Effects

P2P Stage

Downloads are now invading the movie rental territory